How IoT Will Help You To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Furry Friend ?

Technology has not only transformed the way we live our lives, but it has also improved our relationships. Just like our relationships with our friends and family, technology has also bridged gaps between pets and pet owners significantly. Today, we get to see smart devices built leveraging IoT, which helps the owners build a stronger

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How AWS IoT is helping in Industrial Applications Development

Internet of things is an emerging platform that beneficial for a different range of industry today. This will definitely change the way of the industrial operation. The industry can continuously run the factory floors, machinery, production lines, and others. The industry wants to enhance efficiency and reduce the operational cost. The industrial internet of things

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Adopting blockchain and IoT for Enterprise Asset Management

Context The DreamzIoT explores enterprise asset management (EAM) and blockchain, examining the benefits and challenges of this two technology together. While blockchain technology has benefits in many applications, enterprise asset management has until recently is operating in a traditional way. Recently, organizations have been taking early steps toward using blockchain within EAM applications. Benefits of

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