Secured IoT Solution for Any Device, Any Industry
Blockchain protected decentralized architecture creates security & trust

Four Masters Combined in One DreamzIoT

We are Building
Security & Trust with Blockchain

  • Product Identity: We have derived an immutable way to authenticate the who, what or origin of an IoT device and its components
  • Product Interactions: DreamzIoT validates all interactions, events, and updates associated with a device /sensor with IoT Platform passes through smart contract, an immutable way

It Comes As

  • Save Money & Grow Easy: Our IoT apps come as Progressive Web Apps which help IoT Dealers to create IoT Apps easily with personalized branding and sell in minimum cost to their customers/clients
  • No-Download & Feature-Rich: As our IoT apps are Progressive Web Apps, these are Lightweight, No-Download Apps with all native app features enabled like Geo-Fencing, Push Notifications, Offline Accessibility.

We Support
Artificial Intelligence

  • Predictive Analysis: AI enabled secured DreamzIoT platform collects a huge amount of device data every day and applying different machine learning algorithms it helps users with detail insight of devices and predictive analysis reports.
  • Chatbot and Deep Learning: DreamzIoT can integrate deep learning to help users with product quality assurance and it can also integrate chatbots which can help businesses to provide improved customer experience.

DreamzIoT Not Just IOT Monitoring
DreamzIOT is Featured with many advanced features



With sample client-side examples, to make connection easy and faster.

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