Blockchain IoT Hub
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Blockchain IoT Hub is designed for IoT device manufacturers, solution providers and enterprises to rapidly deploy secure M2M and machine to human critical business workflows and ecosystems. Smart even in non internet connected environments.
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Blockchain IoT & Power of Fog Computing

Blockchain IoT Hub is a revolutionary platform created on a distributed cloud architecture based on blockchain technology, which provides low-cost, secure, and on-demand access to the most competitive computing infrastructures in an IoT network.

To bring computing resources to the edge of the IoT network and allow the low latency access to large amount of data in a secure manner, we offer a secure distributed fog node architecture that uses SDN and blockchain techniques. Fog nodes are distributed fog computing entities that allow the deployment of fog services, and are formed by multiple computing resources at the edge of the IoT network.The results of our evaluation show that performance is improved by reducing the prompted delay, reducing the response time, increasing the throughput, and the ability to detect real-time attacks in the IoT network with low performance overheads.

Smart Contracts Automate M2M Controls

Smart contracts are a transaction automation algorithm built on the blockchain. In Blockchain IoT Hub manufacturers or businesses can create and execute smart contracts that facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract between “things and devices” (M2M and Machine to Human) within an IOT ecosystem.

Automate with RPA

RPA technology enables companies to automate manual processes across the enterprise using software robots or bots, in turn reducing human error and saving money on labor.  Blockchain IoT Hub allows businesses to easily manage and address flagged events and problem alerts- that generated by sensors. The RPA technology within Blockchain IoT Hub helps businesses in improving operations by providing better customer service and offering organizations the means to access new business intelligence as well as the ability to manage it.

AI Robots Predictive & Preventive

AI powers the insight, automatically identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart sensors and devices generate—information such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, vibration, and sound. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence Blockchain IoT Hub enables companies to avoid unplanned downtime, increase operating efficiency, spawn new products and services, and enhance risk management.

Fingertip Control PWA

Blockchain IoT Hub provides user engaging and connection-independent Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for businesses and brings the IoT application controls in fingertip. With the power of URL and the features like supports offline caching, push notifications, home screen icons – businesses can monitor and run their operations from anywhere , anytime.

How It Works

Blockchain and Internet of Things are two world changing technologies. Merging both with the power of artificial intelligence, DreamzIoT launches Blockchain IoT Hub , the emerging , next-gen solution that is ready to create verifiable, secure and permanent method of recording data processed by “smart” devices or sensors. This network of interconnected devices will be able to interact with their environment and make decisions without any human intervention. With Blockchain IoT Hub, manufacturers or distributors can track , monitor and control their devices and device interactions , streamline their business processes and improve their sales and customer service harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Check Few of our Case Studies

Blockchain IoT Hub is the most secured and trusted blockchain protected IoT solution for businesses. It creates an adaptive any-to-any Blockchain-secured IoT communication fabric to manage and exchange data among devices, applications, and people. Businesses can connect their smart devices in the IoT application portal to control everything about their devices. Here are a few case studies on how combining IoT with Blockchain , Blockchain IoT Hub has a significantly impact our leading clients and their businesses across multiple industries.

Asset Tracking Management

Blockchain is an extremely promising technology for transforming supply chain management to make it more efficient and less costly. With Blockchain IoT Hub, we provided a solution to one of our eminent customers from Brewery industry based in the UK (A division of leading banking group and part of FTSE 100) to automate the process of keg tracking and managing their kegs efficiently. It enables the assets to integrate with business processes in a shared and immutable ledger – increasing trust and transparency across ecosystems. Blockchain IoT Hub identifies each keg uniquely and its contents, and capture important data throughout its journey through the supply chain. Using the blockchain enabled system, brewers have accurate, up-to-date information and reports on keg fills, status, movement, customer location, returns, keg repair and maintenance. The solution helped customer to improve visibility, provide analysis, and engage users through devices to automate and streamline operations, and minimize delays, and disputes in their supply chain.

Water Wastage Monitoring

In today’s world drinking water and its wastage is a matter of great concern and it matters to every developed/developing country. A group of researchers estimates that Water leaked from U.S. homes could exceed more than 1 Trillion Gallons annually. Wastage monitoring works on a principle of “Direct Water Allocation.” which means that the valve that allows flow opens and closes based on usage of water. While using water the valve is open and the valve turns closed when water is not used and also a pressure sensor attached to the valve monitors for any leaks in your plumbing. The water meter will quantify the amount of the leak. With Blockchain IoT Hub, we provided a solution to one of our leading customers to add and connect all his switching sensors and customers in the Blockchain IoT Hub platform to monitor and track. This platform shows a collective and consolidated view of all devices and consumers. With collected data, the platform provides a customized birds-eye view of data on providers dashboard and additional analytics on-demand.

Smart Automotive Battery Management

Battery is the most essential component of any vehicle. So perfect maintenance of any battery is very much essential for it.Integrating the battery management system with IoT enables us to view the data obtained from the batteries anywhere and retrieved anytime for analysis. With Blockchain IoT Hub, we have provided a solution to a leading automotive battery selling Company to manage and monitor their connected batteries. Blockchain IoT Hub enables the capability to monitor connected batteries via BLE enabled Battery-Guard IoT devices. These devices are managed and configured on the platform and data is received via PWA Apps. The platform provides a consolidated view of all the connected devices in bird-eye view and detailed view. This provides clients the benefits of tracking and monitoring battery related data and health of the batteries seamlessly. The platform keeps transactional data secured and stored over distributed networks using Blockchain Technology making the whole process secure and safe.With the insight of the data, Blockchain IoT Hub helps the business to take proactive sales and prompt support to customers.

Smart Mobile Van Service

Blockchain & Internet of Things are the emerging technologies having the ability to change the way enterprises work. We have provided a Vehicle authorization management solution for one of our eminent customers (manufacturer of Auto Oil products) for Real-Time Communication, Location Tracking & Vehicle Authorization Management, by bringing automation in logistics for distribution of products to retail workshops and stores by providing Transparency and Minimizing human intervention in the distribution process. Our Blockchain and IoT based Vehicle authorization management solution provides features such as 24/7 Tracking of Van and Alerts upon any unusual activity like, over speeding, Geofence etc, Alerts for van reaching to each delivery location, Automatizing the order from request to purchase and process,Preventing unauthorized access to the Van door. The solution helped the customer in Authenticity and anti-counterfeiting, Fast/Real-Time Transaction Settlement, Provenance Tracking, Brand recognition & value, avoid pilferage of inventory and increase the productivity of the distribution process.

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