Know your Pets in better way with DreamzIoT Pet Solution

DreamzIoT brings blockchain-based, member-owned smart pet solution which is helping pets around the world live longer and healthier lives using artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies like the internet of things.

DreamzIoT Solutions
Let your Pets Speak For Them

Activity Tracking

Monitor your pet’s activity – see changing trends; set activity goals.Monitor your pet’s activity – see changing trends; set activity goals.


Monitor your pet’s body temperature with DreamzIoT Collar – detect fever, heat stroke, hypothermia, etc.

Heart Rate

Monitor HRV (Heart Rate Variability) monitor any changes or abnormalities that could indicate pain, stress or underlying disease


Monitor respiratory rate with DreamzIoT – identify unhealthy changes of your respiratory system easily.


Monitor the body posture of your pets and follow trends to identify pain, recovery from injuries, and more.


Track calories burned by your pets  and help them in weight loss programs and prevent obesity.

Make Your Pet’s Life Healthier

Blockchain Technology

If you a veterinary doctor you can create your own blockchain enabled Pet IoT Solution using DreamzIoT and  offer your pet owners the DreamzIoT Pet Collar to give better treatment for the pets. With DreamzIoT, doctors can now monitor all their patients health from one single place and get notified about any illness and prescribe pet owners with preventive medication.

Artificial Intelligence

DreamzIoT’s main goal is to reverse the current state of reactive care for pets. By allowing our pet’s bodies to speak for them we can possibly fill the needs each unique pet has before the first sign of illness ever rears its ugly head.

Our AI enabled Pet Solution  analyzes all vitals and activity of your pets and alert you whenever something is wrong and need action.

Web Apps

Our Pet Monitoring IoT app is a Progressive Web App which is lightweight and easy to use. You can add your pet’s doctor as a user can can share them a simple URL accessing which your doctor can check your pet’s daily health report and also can get notified about any alarming situation.

Meet DreamzIoT Pet Application
DreamzIoT Pet is Featured with many advanced features

How it Works


Simply place the DreamzIoT Pet collar on your pet.

STEP 2 (Optional)

Your pet’s health and activity data is transmitted from the DreamzIoT Pet collar to the DreamzIoT Gateway.


From the Gateway or directly from collar, the data is sent securely to our cloud database.


You and your veterinarian can access the information and critical health alerts directly via DreamzIoT app.