DreamzIoT MultiTracker
IOT Tracker has not been easier, because tracking only GPS location was not enough. Along with tracking some times user needs data which they care for. This is why we come with Multi tracker, A tracker, which can able to connect with literally anything in the world and start sending data to cloud.

Beautiful In Design.

MultiTracker Application With DreamzIoT

Technology Features Specification
Cellular Connectivity 2G.4G, LTE, CAT M1, NB-IOT
Battery Lithium ion 1200mAH , Last Long
Accelerometer 3 Axis accelerometer for power saving and activity detection
Antena Flexi/Trace PCB antenna which can easily fit into enclosure
Connector I2c and analog pin out, so that it can easily connect to any sensor module
Water Proof splash proof
Charging Port Micro USB

MultiTracker Technical Specification with DreamzIoT

MultiTracker Interface with DreamzIoT

What is IOT Connector

DreamzIOT’s TIC(The IOT Connector™) is a small hardware having own 4G/3G/2G Connectivity along with Onboard GPS/Accelerometer/SOS Button and I2C connector for External Sensor Mount. This device can be used standalone as a Asset tracker/Personal Tracker or combined with other sensor to collect sensor data send to cloud.