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DreamzIoT is a cloud IoT Solution protected by Blockchain decentralized architecture. DreamzIoT offers a complete sensing, data tracking, monitoring and alerting IoT solution with predictive analysis report. If you are planning for a business or want to grow to the next level contact us for our reseller plan, get engaged, sell DreamzIoT platform under your own branding and start earning easily.

DreamzIoT Solutions
ControlAny Smart Home & Building Automation Systems

White Label and Sell as Your Own

DreamzIoT is a blockchain based secured IoT solution that offers complete sensing, remote monitoring, asset tracking, M2M communication features. Our products are offered in an un-branded format for resale and private labeling.

A Single Platform that connects all Market Devices

If you sell market ready smart popular devices like Nest Thermostat, Smart TV, Air Conditioner, Philips Hue etc and would love to offer your customers to manage it all from a single IoT platform, DreamzIoT is the solution. DreamzIoT helps to create solutions through which you can connect all your smart devices and control them through Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


Make Devices ``Smarter`` with Wireless Sensors

As a product manufacturer, you’ve got your own products developed (or in development) and are looking for ways to increase revenue or your product’s value proposition. Enter DreamzIoT. It helps you to integrate sensing technology to allow your customers the power to remotely monitor the product they purchased from you.

Board Levels

Our products can be purchased at the board level and repackaged into your custom fold.  We can create unique sensor behaviors through firmware and software development and make your application is as unique as your enclosure.

Partner Portal

As a DreamzIoT partner,  we provide all you need for selling a remote IoT monitoring solution. Why build your own system when you can use a complete, low-cost and tested IoT platform ready? White label sensors, gateways and online applications with your own private brand. Start to Generate recurring revenue by offering data collection and remote monitoring services to your customers.

Own Data

DreamzIoT collects a huge amount of data from your smart products every day purchased by your customers. DreamzIoT allows to own this data and utilize it wisely for growth in your business revenue.

Based on data,  you can add algorithm or rules to predict a product life and can upsell customers with personalized offers.


Why Should You Partner With DreamzIoT ?

Boost Your Business Growth with DreamzIoT

DreamzIoT is exceptional as it connects market ready smart devices with the software solution, allows to create M2M communication based on custom rules, helps to make existing devices smarter with wireless sensor.  Become an IoT dealer based on your business requirement and gear up your business growth speed.

Give Promotional Ads & Upsell new Products

If you are a manufacturer and selling smart devices integrated with DreamzIoT platform, it opens up new ways to offer your customers every promotional news. You can easily know about a product life sold to your customers. You can send push notifications / SMS text offering a new exchange offer at a discounted rate through DreamzIoT PWA App and also can upsell new products with attractive offers.

Custom Hardware or Software Development

Are you planning for a sensing or software startup solution and want to build it from scratch? Our development team is ready to provide a solution for your needs. We can help you in Hardware Design, Prototype Development and blockchain secured IoT solution development.