DreamzIoT Consumer Platform
Control All Your Devices From One Platform

Connect & Control any Devices from DreamzIoT

DreamzIoT launches the most secured and trusted blockchain protected IoT solution for consumers. DreamzIoT creates an adaptive any-to-any Blockchain-secured IoT communication fabric to manage and exchange data among devices, applications, and people. Any user or developer can connect market-ready devices or integrated their custom devices with DreamzIoT and create an IoT application portal to control everything about their devices.

DreamzIoT Consumer Platform
Create Your Own IoT App and Control Your Smart Devics

Add Popular Devices in Market

Do you have Smart TV and Smart Bulb in your home? Now, you can add any smart devices available in the market and make your home a Smart Home.

We support Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Nest Thermostat,  TP-Link Bulb, Sonoff Device, Samsung Smart TV etc.

Add any Custom Devices to Cloud

If you are a device manufacturer or a Developer, you can always add your custom device to the cloud. You can write your sample client-side code in hardware like Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry PI, using the programming languages like c, python, nodejs, C++

Easily add your own sensor, relay, motors and many mores, and control them easily from the DreamzIoT cloud platform with just a few clicks.

Set M2M Trigger

Robust Rule engine with simplified UI, so that any user can configure M2M (Machine to Machine)communication. DreamzIOT Rule Engine allows users to set multiple triggers at the same time.

You can create your own complex logic i.e Condition based Trigger, Triggering Multiple Devices at the same time, Sending Alerts to the group of Contacts based on multiple inputs.

Send Alerts

DreamzIoT provides remote monitoring, M2M triggers and alerts. Alerts are sent to groups of contacts in form of push notifications,  SMS Text, Voice Call, Emergency Siren whenever any trigger is fired or any scheduled event occurs.

Analyse and Download Reports

DreamzIoT collects data from every connected device and presents it to the users in the best possible way. Like in smart home solution, it utilizes the power wisely with real-time energy monitoring. DreamzIoT shows how much energy is used every day, every month, during weekends, weekdays from Energy Reports. Knowing in well advance about projected consumption & bills helps people to save Energy.

Mobile App

For your convenience and mobility, we have a developed one of the most advanced mobile app, which can do all the things that one IoT platform can do, you can add, see, control, monitor, set trigger or even generate reports directly from the mobile app.

DreamzIoT BlockChain

DreamzIoT creates blockchain secured IoT communication fabric to manage devices, people, animals and store immutable data transactions.  The DreamzIoT gateways and IoT solutions are created using distributed computing architecture that authenticates and validates products or devices and manage M2M communications through smart contract, the immutable way.

DreamzIoT Artificial Intelligence

Everyday DreamzIoT collects a huge amount of data from the devices and utilizes them in the best way enabling the advanced data analytics algorithm. It can generate predictive reports like weather forecasting, reporting a pet owner about any possible health issue of his pet, based on collective health data, giving a projected energy consumption & bills to a smart home consumer.

It Comes As Progressive Web App

As our IoT apps are Progressive Web Apps, these are lightweight, no-download apps with all native app features enabled like geo-fencing, push notifications, offline accessibility. A consumer can easily get alert messages in push notification and also can access it from anywhere i.e mobile or desktop through a URL.

DreamzIoT Gateways or Hub

Our DreamzIoT gateways are blockchain protected that add a powerful security layer for its connected devices. Blockchain assures Product Authentication & identification and DreamzIoT’s distributed cloud computing architecture makes the gateways capable of local / cloud data exchange with devices.